Autumn hiking trip to Krehor

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The Hont region, which lies in the southern part of central Slovakia, offers many natural and cultural monuments. We are located in a seemingly inconspicuous southern part of the region, where there are less visited natural monuments, but perhaps more interesting for the wider area, because they are little "peeked" .. cheeky This weekend started very boring and rainy, so we could not wait for the weather to finally improve and we will enjoy at least a short walk in nature. We had a taste for an undemanding trip, combined with beautiful views, so we headed for Krehor. This natural monument consists of a rock overhang protruding from the forest and resembles a forest rock terrace. It is located above the village Čebovce, which can be a starting point for visitors to find this place. From the village, turn towards Zvolen and after a few minutes you will see a ramp on the right side of the road and a forest path behind it, which will take you to Krehor ... yes


Map of Krehor to download


Many people could enjoy this walk, for example, by mushroom picking or taking photos. Since it was after a period of heavy rains and there were a lot of mushrooms everywhere, they immediately became my inspiration for photography.heart

Towards the rock overhang, views of the surrounding forests open up. smiley

The walk through the forest was inspiring, but I would call the ascent to Krehor unforgettable at this time. This time we have confirmed the fact that even the places we visit here often can surprise with their atmosphere. It's the rutting season, so it's common for deer to be heard in the woods, but at this point, everything literally came from the forest right below us, so we had the whole spectacle in the palm of our hand. cool

You probably wouldn't want to fall from here ...surprisecheeky

Imagine that you are walking through a quiet and peaceful forest, and as soon as you come to your destination, you start to hear the roar of a very large number of deer, mainly due to the echo. Perfect panoramic views multiplied the feelings we had from this experience. We listened to the communication of the wildlife for a while and only imagined the animal kingdom below us, which would be covered by trees. wink

I thought that if I found myself there at this time, I would probably rather run back to a safe civilization. But since I always have a friend or comrades with me, I don't have to worry. I am glad that this year we managed to experience such an atmosphere of the forest and especially without people (and without drapes) ..smiley






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Anonym (unregistered) 22. October 2020 - 11: 12

Great then I'll go see.

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