Our impressions of For Bikes 2019

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We were looking forward to Forbikes for at least a month. We traveled from Pilsen, so it wasn't such a screech. Needless to say, everywhere was crowded. It was impossible to move inside at times. The aim of the trip was to find a suitable bike for a girlfriend. We had the idea to find a bike with an 27,5 size "S". There were a lot of companies at the show that offered their products, but at our disappointment it was all about one thing. cheeky

We know celebrities at For bikes

We have devoted a lot of energy to striving among people. In addition, 14: 00 was one of the celebrity's cycling exhibitions. The biggest cyclist of all. Yes it was Jarda Jágr.. :). Sorry, we like hockey, but we would rather see For Bikes Petra Sagana ..smiley Does not matter !!! Because at the Rock Machine stand we discovered the famous Youtuber David, whom you all know under the name "Trail Hunter"On that occasion, as always, he has provided us with some well-intentioned advice. cool

How it looked at the show you can see here on the video of Prague cyclist.

What I liked the most

My love for "retro" has found its goal. In the hall no. 4 I found (besides Jagra) the stand of the company, where they offered the E Bike, which I immediately renamed "Indian", because the design reminiscent of the Indian bike. I had to try it right away. He weighed 28 kg, I was horrified. However, just after the start with the support of the electric motor, the weight was gone and I felt like a snowflake cheeky. It was the first time I was sitting on the E Bike, but I really like this piece. I will definitely get it soon.

This black-and-white piece will soon expand my "bike garage" ... angel

It's no wonder for me. Round remake is my weak point. I ride on this and it says it all .. My "retro-crafted favorite" cool

Overall impressions of For Bikes 2019

But yeah, that would be :). The overall impression was fine. Although we did not find the right bike for a girlfriend, we enjoyed a lot of Parkour events and a test drive on E-bikes. We will definitely visit the next edition of 2020, but this time we will prepare better and especially come much earlier ..



Pampeliška's picture
Dandelion (unregistered) 8. April 2019 - 10: 46

We were also on Fobikes. We did not buy a bike, but we took home some cycling accessories :)

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